Your Community, Your Wind, Get Sailing!

Charleston Community Sailing relies on donations to fund the balance of day-to-day operations and to reach underserved populations. A contribution to Charleston Community Sailing means we will be able to use your gift to have a positive impact on area youth and adults by providing them with hands on learning experiences and life skills.

Monetary Donations: Charleston Community Sailing appreciates any amount that you can give. Donations go to educational and sailing scholarships, keeping our facility in top condition, buying replacement equipment, and covering our daily operating costs. With your donation you can rest assured that we are using your money to keep the cost down for our local sailors- and making it possible for us to offer our outreach programs FREE of charge. Please be sure to earmark your donation to the specific cause: Educational/STEM, High School Racing, Summer, Special Olympics, Buddy Sail, General Operating.

Corporate Donations: With your corporate donation of $1,000 you can become a sponsor of Charleston Community Sailing. Through the impact of your generosity, you propel the future of more than 1000 participants we reach each year, many of them new to the sea’s influence on their lives.

Donate Boats and/or Equipment: Check out our wish list of items we accept for use in our programs.

Donate Your TIME: Volunteers can help with everything – sign up or call (843) 607-4890.

All Donations to CCSI are fully tax deductible. For all other types of donations or event sponsorship please contact Executive Director here or by phone (843) 607-4890.

By Mail: Charleston Community Sailing, P.O. Box 21811, Charleston, SC 29413