Club 420 Clinic

Fine tune your Club 420 skills. Classroom lectures, on-the-water drills including tactics, strategy, sail trim, and boat speed. Must have prior experience.

Coaches – Jennifer Chamberlain & Ezra Zankel

$165.00 for 2 full days of professional coaching plus Club 420 charter

August 13-14

Be rigged and ready at 9 am each day
Bring a PFD, whistle, sun protection (sunscreen, glasses hat), lunch, water bottle and snacks, notebook & pencil.

Cancellation Policy:

In order to adequately schedule coaches, we need to have an accurate head count at least two weeks before practice. Cancellations will be refunded 100% prior to two (2) weeks of the practice date. Cancellations less than two (2) weeks of the practice date will not be refunded unless the spot can be filled. Last minute sign-ups and/or day of event arrivals will be admitted on a case by case basis as prior coaching arrangements and sailor ratios dictate.

Club 420 Summer Clinics