CCS Team Sails J24 North Americans 

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A whole lot of logistics but we were ecstatic to have a team competing in the J24 North Americans this past weekend.  There were a total of 35 boats and our volunteers and team worked getting the boat ready for the event.  The team included Skipper Marc Deloach, Will Scarborough, Keenan Hilsinger, Brooke Hagler and Grace Wilkinson/Paula Kurt.  A BIG THANKS to Charleston Yacht Club member Crisp McDonald for his support.  We look forward to getting our boats sailing in the CORA summer series!

“I had fun racing the top notch crews racing.  We had an amazing race committee so the races couldn’t have been run better given lack of wind on Sunday afternoon.  Caught the fleet downwind but lost them upwind.  Hope to come back with a more competitive set of sails and crush the upwind legs next year!”  – Marc Deloach

“Good communication was crucial, we never went longer than 30 seconds without sharing information about what was happening on the race course.  It was fun, very competitive and we really had to push ourselves and the boat.”  – Will Scarborough

“I had a great time getting to know the J24 and the people that sail the fleet.  It was a tight fleet with a lot of talent run by an excellent race committee and PRO.  Overall an excellent event that taught me a lot.”  – Keenan Hilsinger

” I had a blast.  It was something I never thought I would be able to be a part of and I will be forever be grateful for the experience and use everything I learned for years to come.”  – Brooke Hagler

“Participating in the J24 North American was a challenging and rewarding experience.  My team of passionate and motivated sailors were supportive of a lesser experienced crew member and willing to help and pass along knowledge.  A positive experience!”  – Paula Kurt