An Exciting New Adventure

Dear Friend of CCS,

As the winds of change propel us forward, Charleston Community Sailing (CCS) invites you to be a vital part of our journey as we continue on with our mission to serve as “the community’s sailing center.” With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional programming focused on safety, empowerment, and fun for both youth and adults, CCS is now embarking on a thrilling new chapter.

Our Vision:
At the heart of CCS’s vision lies the desire to be more than just a sailing center; we aspire to be a beacon of community connection and the joy of sailing. With an updated strategic direction, bolstered by expanded board leadership and a team of exceptional staff, CCS is well-positioned to reach new horizons.

Leadership and Growth:
We are thrilled to announce our search for a new Executive Director. We are seeking someone equipped with the right skill sets to steer us confidently into the next phase of growth. This key addition to our team will play a pivotal role in shaping CCS’s future and expanding our impact within the greater Charleston community.

Why CCS Matters:
CCS isn’t just about sailing; it’s about fostering a sense of community, empowerment, and shared joy. By participating in our programs and events, you not only support a vibrant sailing community but also contribute to the broader well-being of Charleston. Your involvement helps us instill the love of sailing in new generations, creating lasting memories and skills that extend far beyond the water.

How You Can Help:

  • Participate: Join us in our diverse range of programming and events. Experience firsthand the transformative power of sailing and share in the joy it brings.
  • Support: Your charitable contributions play a crucial role in propelling us forward. Consider making a donation to CCS to help us continue providing high-quality programs and expanding our reach.

Together, Let’s Sail Towards a Bright Future:
By partnering with Charleston Community Sailing, you become an integral part of our community-driven vision. Your support not only empowers individuals but helps weave the fabric of a stronger, more connected Charleston. Whether you’re an avid sailor, a community enthusiast, or simply someone who believes in the transformative power of shared experiences, we invite you to partner with us in shaping a future where the joy of sailing knows no bounds.

Thank you for being an essential part of Charleston Community Sailing’s voyage. Together, let’s chart a course towards an even brighter tomorrow.

Fair winds and warm regards,

Lee Casey
Board President
Charleston Community Sailing